14. Jake Rap, MSc internship done in ITEC B.V., Nijmegen.
January, 2024.

13. Yang Yu, Masters Thesis done partly in ITEC B.V., Nijmegen.
Defended thesis on 30/10/2023.

12. Benjamin van Leeuwen, Masters Thesis done in ITEC B.V., Nijmegen.
Defended thesis on 14/07/2023.

11. Devi Darshini Manickam, Masters Thesis done in ITEC B.V., Nijmegen.
Defended thesis on 16/12/2022.

10. Anh Duc Phan, Optimising an Image-Based Motion Control System on a Predictable Multiprocessor Platform.
Defended thesis on 19/10/2022.

9. Daniel Hartgers, Improving Positioning Accuracy for Multi-rate Multi-sensor Industrial Motion Control Systems.
Defended thesis on 27/07/2022.

8. Mingyu An, Evaluation of Quantized LaneNet on Closed-loop System.
Defended thesis on 13/07/2021.

7. Rahul Ramesh,
Masters Internship done in NXP Semiconductors, Eindhoven. 2021.

6. Chaolun Ma, Online model identification and runtime adaptation of a closed-loop control system.
Defended thesis on 12/01/2021.

5. Yingkai Huang, Study of Dynamically Reconfigurable Algorithmic Approximation on Quality of Control.
Defended thesis on 16/12/2020.

4. Varun Shankar,
Scenario generation using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN).
Defended thesis on 21/10/2020. Industrial thesis done in Siemens, Belgium.

3. Vishak Nathan, Optimising the Performance of an Image Based Control System Implemented on a Heterogeneous Platform.
Defended thesis on 20/08/2019. Industrial thesis done in Sioux Logena B.V., Eindhoven.

2. Konstantinos Bimpisidis, Impact of Algorithmic Approximation on Quality-of-Control for Image-Based Control Systems.
Defended thesis on 17/04/2019.

1. Diqing Zhu, Simulation framework for design and analysis of vision-based lateral control of autonomous vehicle.
Defended thesis on 29/06/2018.

Bachelor's project

4. Niels Goorden, 2019.

3. Harm Roelofs, 2019.

2. Kevin Jebbink, 2017.

1. Sjoerd Doumen, 2017.